Baleful Betrayal

Baleful Betrayal
Series: Overworld Chronicles, Book 12
ISBN: 9781942453031


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About the Book

After the crystoid incident nearly destroyed all magic in Eden and killed a dear friend, Justin Slade wants payback. That means invading the angel realm, Seraphina, and squashing the usurper, Cephus, like a bug.

Unfortunately, another crystoid in Seraphina is preventing the Alabaster Arch from opening a portal into the realm. Using a sky portal from the last remaining crystoid in Eden, Justin launches a desperate bid to open the portal from the other side.

Cephus, however, is more than ready for a counterattack. Not only has he fortified his fortress, but he’s built a new arch and plans to open a portal to the Void, releasing the Beast and Armageddon.

Enlisting the help of the Seraphim sky fishers and their fleet of flying ships, Justin has to repair the Alabaster Arch leading back to Eden and bring through the mightiest supernatural army Seraphina has ever known.

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