Overworld Chronicles Box Set Books 1-4

Overworld Chronicles Box Set Books 1-4

Epic Urban Fantasy

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The first 4 full-length novels of the Overworld for only $9.99! The series is 14 books and counting, plus 2 spin-offs.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews. Hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Over 700 pages of lightning-paced supernatural action. Readers describe it as “the most original supernatural series in ages.”

Atlanta is ground zero for a supernatural invasion. Enter Justin Case, a snarky nerd with all the heroic potential of a potato. That is until he comes into his demonic powers and finds out everybody hates demon spawn. The problem? He might be the last hope for uniting the Overworld and saving us all.

This Box Set Contains:

The origin story that started it all.

Justin has ninety-nine problems, but a vampire is number one.

When Justin discovers he has super powers, life gets a lot more interesting. But as he learns the ropes of his new supernatural life, he soon realizes he’s not alone.

His parents are hiding dangerous secrets from him. The girl he falls for is sworn to kill him. A finicky felycan wants to make him his plaything. And a bounty hunter has his family in the crosshairs.

If that’s not enough, his former best friend, Randy, wants to use his blood to create a vampire super-serum to build an army of bloodsuckers.

If he can’t survive his other issues and stop Randy, Atlanta will be hip-deep in vampires,and Justin will be their juice box.


Hellhounds and demon spawn are out for blood. Justin’s father is marked for death.

Justin and Elyssa have to track down the mysterious person behind it all before it’s too late.


During an escape from the gray men, Justin and Elyssa are stranded in Thunder Rock with a notorious Daemas, Kassallandra. They find a way out, but Justin is separated, thrown through a broken Obsidian Arch, and ends up in Colombia where he’ll face his greatest challenge yet.

Meanwhile, Elyssa is captured by her father. He hates Daemos and hates Justin and wants to put her through a ritual that will erase all memories of Justin.

Death can’t stop true love, but a mind wipe probably will.

Justin is kidnapped by a rogue vampire, Maximus, who plans to use Justin’s blood to fuel his quest for world domination.

Series: Overworld Box Sets
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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